Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab
Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab

Genomics and adaptation in the Greater Antilles Anolis adaptive radiation

Photo by Philip Skipwith, Dominican Republic 2016

Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab
Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab


Rapid speciation and adaptation in the white-eye radiation (Zosterops)

Photo by Guin Wogan, South Africa 2013


Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab
Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab

Landscape genomics of a ring species

Photo from the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 2002



Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab
Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab

The California Conservation Genetics Project


Photo by John P. Clare, Sonoma CA 2012

Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab

Welcome! We are a lab of evolutionary and ecological researchers that use multi-omics approaches to understand the interplay of environment – phenotype – genotype in natural populations and the adaptive and neutral processes that underlie genomic and phenotypic variation. We are in the Department of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University

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