Awards Time!
Awards Time!

Awards Time!

Congrats to WEEOLab students for doing amazing things this year!

Neil and Desi 2023
Award Winners at the IB Banquet

Calvin was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship with a 6 month language extension! He will spend the next 15 months in Morocco collecting data for his dissertation, making connections with collaborators, and meeting new colleagues.

Connor will be a Niblack Research Scholar next year continuing his research on snake skull morphology and eco-evolutionary correlates. First he will head off for a summer REU at the Friday Harbor lab at the University of Washington.

Sneha was awarded a Mohamed Bin Zayed grant to support fieldwork on Nilssonia

Neil was awarded an Animal Behavior Society grant for research on hooding behavior in cobras

Sam won the Junior Herpetologist award from IHS, and travel support to attend the conference in Chicago

Desi was awarded a LACM museum travel grant, so she will be visiting CA soon

Desi won a ZOGGs research award to support her dissertation work on Hemidactylus turcicus

Neil and Desi were both awarded Glass fellowships for their museum-based research

Sneha and Desi were both awarded Wilhm travel grants to help support trips to present their work at conferences this year.