Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab


Guin Wogan in the lab

Guin Wogan, Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor (read more here).

Graduate Students

Sneha Dharwadkar in the field with tortoises

Sneha Dharwadkar (Doctoral student, start date – Fall 2021 – read more here). Sneha is interested in looking at phylogeography of softshell turtles of Nilssonia spp across different riverine ecosystems of India. She intends to study patterns of dispersal and diversification within the species in light of their large geographical range, albeit patchy and rapid human modification of their habitats.

Calvin Schaefer in the field doing radio telemetry

Calvin Schaefer (Doctoral student, start date – Fall 2021). Calvin is interested in integrative approaches to research in herpetology. He is interested in a variety of questions within herpetology but his central research question is: Why do reptile and amphibian species occur where they do?

Desi Wilson in the field

Desi Wilson (Doctoral student, start date – Fall 2021). Desi is interested in using spatial and genetic approaches to study various aspects of population dynamics in invasive species.

Undergraduate Students

Bela Hadley is working on a B.S. in Biology. Her career goal is to become a bioinformatician working with animal DNA. In the WEEOLab, Bela is researching malaria in tropical lizards.

Emery Roberts is a senior biology undergraduate with aspirations to work with medicine and underserved communities. In her downtime she practices mindfulness meditation and vinyasa yoga. In the WEEOLab, Emery is researching malaria in tropical lizards.

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Katarina Mapes is a Senior Biology student at Oklahoma State University with a minor in zoology, who is interested in research and healthcare. Katarina plans to study Foothill Yellow-Legged frogs, a threatened species inhabiting California. Specifically, Katarina will study the population dynamics of this species through the process of DNA barcoding

Job McKee is a freshman undergraduate pursuing an MS in chemistry. He is especially interested in microwave and nuclear chemistry. His free time is spent reading, woodworking and frisbee golfing. Job is working with DNA barcoding and putting his chemistry skills to work in the genetics lab.

Connor Downs

Connor Downs I am pursuing a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Spanish. I want to pursue a career in evolutionary biology. In my downtime, I love spending time with my family (and with my 3 dogs) and reading. Connor is working on morphology of venomous snakes using microCT scanning.