Wogan (Eco-Evo-Omics) Lab
Who me?

Who me?

Hello! I am Guin (she/her/hers). I am an assistant professor of Integrative Biology at Oklahoma State University as of January 2021. My research uses multi-omics approaches to understand organisms in their environmental context, and the interaction of genotypes, ecologically relevant phenotypes, and population structures across landscapes. Read more about my research and the research of our lab group here.

I am the co-chair of the Amphibians and Climate Change group for the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group. We are currently working on producing an updated Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (ACAP) as it relates to mitigating climate change. I also work with the IUCN to update RedList assessments for Southeast Asian amphibian and reptile species.

My academic background – I earned my Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in Jim McGuire’s lab in Integrative Biology.  I  was a postdoc with Rauri Bowie at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, and then with  Ian Wang in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management also at UC Berkeley. Before starting graduate school I was a curatorial assistant in Herpetology at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and at the Museum of Comparative Zoology in Herpetology at Harvard University. I also taught high school biology. My undergraduate degree (BS) is from the University of Miami where I was a biology and anthropology double major.

When not doing science, I like travel, trees, dogs, hiking, camping, yoga, watching my backyard birds, taking photos, trying to make woodblock prints, and reading.

If you think you might be interested in joining the lab or collaborating get in touch! gwogan [at] okstate.edu