Recent publications -now with graphical abstracts!

Recent publications -now with graphical abstracts!

It has been a busy couple of months, here are some quick summaries of recent publications on which I am an author.

Our new publication on the pet trade of Asian newts just came out in Biological Conservation! The over-harvesting of these species for the pet trade has almost driven some Asian newt species to extinction. The trade remains poorly documented and largely unregulated, our paper calls for CITES listing all of these species so at least the trade can be documented. Newts_graphicalAbstract

Our paper on African Batis birds provides new msats and a first pass at assessing population structure for the Batis capensis complex is published in Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. There are five undergraduate co-authors on this one, all of whom did a great job testing and optimizing those new msats!


and another…. this paper uses niche modelling to look at the impact of life history traits on temporal transferability of models for North American birds. This paper is reliant upon data from citizen scientists from the Christmas Bird Count. It is open access and available at PLoS One.